17May 2018

  There’s nothing nicer than coming home after a long day at work to a spotless house. While we often spending time making our kitchens and bedrooms looking spic and span it’s important not to neglect one of the most in-use rooms in the house: the bathroom. Because bathrooms are where we go to get […]

30Apr 2018

Having trouble removing ink stains? I know they are hardest to remove.Here is some tips you can try before deciding it is all over with your favorite shirt . Please note that this tips may not work to all fabrics ! 1.Salt     Sprinkle salt over the stain when it is still wet ,gently […]

04Mar 2018

Whilst the primary job of your beauty tools is to make you look beautiful, if they are neglected they become anything but themselves. Whether it’s dirt, skin or hair, beauty tools can cling onto grime and quickly become laden with bacteria. That’s the nasty part out of the way. The good news? It’s actually really […]

21Feb 2018

  As a mum of two little children I always have plenty of  dirty shoes to clean. You know that for children is difficult to pass up a chance to jump into a muddy puddle !Sometimes they wear wellies sometimes they don’t!And here it comes !How to make them look clean again?! Start with removing […]

17Feb 2018

  How to clean kitchen appliances No one enjoys kitchen chores, but there is a certain satisfaction when you get the job done. From knowing how to defrost a freezer to de-scaling a kettle, completed kitchen tasks leave you with a smug demeanour as well as a sparkling home. To help you get both, here’s […]

31Jan 2018

Did you know that most people spent 1/3 of their lives on a mattress? This is why it is so important to take a good care of the most important place ,the place where you are sleeping! Mattresses accumulate lots of dust, dirt ,stains ,mites and has to be cleaned regularly,every 3 to 6 months […]

16Jan 2018

During the winter and especially when temperatures drop under zero you need to wake up early and before going to work to prepare your car for a safe drive! Everyone feels annoyed when finding it’s car with completely frosted windows and already running late for work! I perfectly know how does that feel! I grew […]

10Nov 2017

I know that every homeowner has same problem in Autumn and Winter set in year after year. To prevent your house form spider invasion you need to take some simple actions ! First thing is to patch up all cracks and hols leading their way inside! Cover vents and chimneys with insect screens . Keep […]

12Oct 2017

To be honest through the years I have been using chemical based cleaners and didn’t even realized that there is a plenty of natural cleaners and especially essential oils! Essential oils are actually becoming the new generation of household cleaners. I  learned that before start using it you need to know the risks and safety […]