02Oct 2017

In nowadays there are more toxins than ever,which means that we need to detox. How do we know that we need a Detoxification? There is a lot of symptoms such as:mental confusion, menstrual problems ,low grade infection ,weight gain (gaining weight on no reason), puffy eyes ,allergies ,unexpected fatigue . When you start to detox […]

29Sep 2017

  Why do we feel more tired when seasons change? Everyone comes to that question . However our bodies have simmer time and winter time clocks that are determined by our exposure to the sunlight,says Dr.Michael Howell . He is a sleep expert with the University of Minnesota ! When sunlight change change our body […]

13Jun 2017

Sodium Bicarbonate or baking soda is an amazing substance.Friendly to the environment and has lots of benefits .Can be used for the laundry as stain remover,to eliminate odors ,dental care ,beauty and etc. Laundry stain remover Remove yellow stains from cloths and under ware ,remove wine , fruit and grease stains! Cleaner Baking soda is […]

29May 2017

Yogurt is a food produced by bacterial fermentation  of milk . Commonly cow’s milk is used to make yogurt as it is available worldwide.Cow’s milk is not the only milk to produce yogurt ,it can be used   goats milk,sheep milk ,buffalo milk and etc. Yogurt is produced by using culture of Lactobacillus bulgaricus and […]

23May 2017

Some of the homeowners have decking in their yards.To keep it in a good condition decking requires a simple and regular maintenance !Good clean is required at least ones or twice in a year ! To clean your wood decking you will need: -Broom and dust pan -Long handled scrub brush -Bucket -Commercial deck cleaner […]

17May 2017

Keeping your garden furniture in beautiful  condition  requires ,simple regular maintains! Hard wood cleaner Clean by using hard wood cleaner . First wet garden furniture and spray with hard wood cleaner.Use hard brush to remove all dirt!Do not allow cleaner to dry on furniture.Rinse with plenty of water.Ones dry gently sand down if required! Wood […]

10May 2017

Cleaning out a toaster is not difficult task and it takes no longer than 15 min. You will need : Soft clean brush ( new tooth brush) Sponge Cloth Straw Hoover Dish washing soap Baking soda Vinegar Window cleaner   First   before you start cleaning  unplug your toaster and make sure it is cool […]

09May 2017

Did you know that  raw banana is 75% water, 23% carbohydrates , 1% protein? It is a rich source of Vitamin B6 ,Vitamin C , manganese , magnesium and dietary fiber!Bananas also supply exceptional potassium content!(Potassium ions are necessary for the function of all cells . The transfer of potassium ions through nerve cell membranes […]

04May 2017

Outside window cleaning Make your own window cleaner-vinegar and water in a ratio 1:1 . When very dirty before using  mixture of vinegar and water clean windows with  soapy water ,use it  to clean  window racks and frames as well!If soapy water is not strong enough to remove dirtiness from frames and window corners use […]