24Apr 2017

Did you know that Cif Cream can be used to clean wide range of objects and surfaces? This great product is not only money saver but also  brings all the sparkle back ! 1.Kitchen-remove grease from hobs,ovens,gas and electric cookers. Fridge,cupboards ,tails, sink, door handles , kitchen appliances ,pans,plastic furniture. 2.Bathroom- tails,bath,washbasins ,toilet seats, bathroom cabinets. […]

19Apr 2017

  There are so many articles  out now how to get ready for the summer or build the perfect body in just 28 days for 15 min exercising a day! Oh come on !Let’s just face it !No one can build great body in less then a month in just 15 min. working out a […]

18Apr 2017

With the spring arrives and the time to think for a good spring clean! This is one of the most important cleanings that needs to be done at least ones in a year! Off course there is plenty of cleaning companies to provide that service but not always it is a luck to find the […]

27Mar 2017

  Keeping your fridge clean is one of the important areas when it comes to clean your kitchen . Check regularly through foods and drinks for anything out of date,remove all food spills as soon as possible to prevent bad odors!Buy odor catcher or make your own ( leave open container  with backing soda on […]

21Mar 2017

  A kettle is one of the most used house appliances in nowadays.Keeping it in good condition will save you money not only from replacing it often with a new one but also saving electricity .Build in limescale takes water longer to boil,reason is that scale prevents the element from conducting the heat! To descale […]

01Mar 2017

  Oven cleaning is a bit of a task and takes quote of time but using right techniques and cleaning products can make it very easy! Before you start always remember to open wide all windows and make sure you have correct products,materials and equipment! Never Mix Two Chemicals and Always use Rubber gloves! Oven […]