Did you know that most people spent 1/3 of their lives on a mattress?

This is why it is so important to take a good care of the most important place ,the place where you are sleeping!

Mattresses accumulate lots of dust, dirt ,stains ,mites and has to be cleaned regularly,every 3 to 6 months .

Many people know that mattresses must be changed every 8-10 years depending on manufacture warranty ,but it is not so.

As long as you take a good care of your mattresses they can last longer!

Here is some simple and easy ways to do it at home.

First before you start  the deep cleaning remove all bedding,sheets,protectors and etc.,vacuum properly both sides of the mattress using the upholstery attachment!

vaccum mattress


Deodorize -use backing soda or another deodorizer .Sprinkle all over the mattress and leave for 12-24 hours ,after that vacuum to remove deodorizer completely !

backing soda

Dust mites- to remove dust mites make a mixture of  2 cups distilled water and two teaspoons essential oil (eucalyptus, or tea tree, or rosemary).Spray the ready mixture all over the mattress and let sit till completely dry.

Disinfection -to complete deep cleaning mattresses mix 50 ml bleach into 3.5 l water .Use gloves and googles to protect eyes and skin, open wide windows and spray lightly over the mattress,let dry .

Urine stains

I know two methods to remove urine stains .

1. Make a mixture of 3 tablespoons of backing soda+ 200 g Hydrogen peroxide +1/2 tablespoon dish soap .Spread over the stain and let sit for an hour.Remove the paste and vacuum .

2. Dilute some vinegar in warm water in a ratio 1:1 (1 cup vinegar +1 cup warm water),spray the solution on the stains and blot dry !Sprinkle generous amount of backing soda and leave for 24 hours,then vacuum!

Blood stains .

Blood stains are much harder to remove then urine !

Make a mixture of 1/4 cup Hydrogen peroxide+1 tablespoon dish soap + 1 tablespoon table salt .Spread on the stain and leave for an hour.Remove and vacuum.If stain is still visible repeat procedure!

Vomit stains

Moisten a clean white cloth with  cleaning ammonia and lightly dub the stain.Wipe again with another white clean cloth moisten with water.

Do Not use too much ammonia!

My advice is protect your mattresses from stains by using water proof mattress protectors !

If you think all that deep cleaning is not a job for you ,just contact a professionals  like us  to do it for you!matress prof.clean



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