muddy puddles


As a mum of two little children I always have plenty of  dirty shoes to clean.

You know that for children is difficult to pass up a chance to jump into a muddy puddle !Sometimes they wear wellies sometimes they don’t!And here it comes !How to make them look clean again?!


Start with removing all mud away using an old tooth brush or a sponge.

Crocs ,gellie shoes and sneakers can be soaked in a water!Use an old bucket fill in with water add few drops dish soap.Change water regularly 2-3 times .Using an old tooth brush start removing the rest of the dirt from top to bottom (soles).On a sponge add few drops of cif cream and give soles a good scrub .Avoid fabric and leather parts of the shoes!

Rinse well with cold water and let them air dry!

Using a tooth paste on soles instead of a cif cream has the  same amazing effect !It will make your sneakers soles look like a brand new!

To remove stains from shoes is tough especially grass ,blood and etc.

Make a paste of backing soda and water,apply directly on the stain and let soak for a few hours! Remove all paste and rinse well!

Do not leave any excess stain remover !It may bleach fabric in the sun light.

Sneakers and canvas shoes I wash in the washing machine on a hand wash program.Instead of washing detergent I use few drops dish soap ( it is much gentle to shoe fabrics)!

Stinky shoes suitable for machine wash I wash again in the washing machine but before  that I take a little extra care.

Make a mixture of vinegar and hot water in a ratio 2:1 ,soak the insoles for a few hours then wash!

Vinegar will kill hiding bacteria in the shoes!

Leather shoes

polish shoes

Before you polish leather shoes you need to remove all dirt.Use a shoe brush to remove mud and dirt,then wipe with dump cloth to remove any excess grime!

Use a specially formulated conditioner to condition leather then polish them with shoe polish.Leave to air dry!



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