During the winter and especially when temperatures drop under zero you need to wake up early and before going to work to prepare your car for a safe drive!
Everyone feels annoyed when finding it’s car with completely frosted windows and already running late for work!
I perfectly know how does that feel!
I grew up in a country with a very cold winters and here I am to share some experience for a quick and easy ways to defrost your car windows.
First thing you need to do is to start your car and turn your car’s heated windows on!
Put on some gloves -the last thing you want to get is frozen hands!
Spray de-icer on directly on icy areas of your windows !The more de icer you use the less time you need to wait.

de icer

Allow to soak in briefly(it shouldn’t be longer than a minute or two ).
Use a plastic scraper ,or another tool to scrape all the ice away!
If needed repeat one more time.



A handy tool is a  shop club card( my advice is not to use any credit or debit card) if you do not have a scraper on hand.

Homemade de -icer – use rubbing alcohol ,pour in a spray bottle and add few drops dish washing soap.Mix together and your mixture is ready to use!

To prevent windows ice  you can buy car windscreen anti frost .

car windscreen anti frost



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