Having trouble removing ink stains? I know they are hardest to remove.Here is some tips you can try before deciding it is all over with your favorite shirt .

Please note that this tips may not work to all fabrics !




Sprinkle salt over the stain when it is still wet ,gently rub with wet white cloth or kitchen paper ,then remove all off the salt .Repeat process until stain is completely gone!

2 Milk 


To remove stains from colored fabrics use milk .Soak fabrics or cloths in milk for 12-24 hrs and wash as usual next day.

3.Cornstarch .

Use milk and cornstarch to make a paste mixture then apply to the stain .Leave to dry then remove.

4.Tartar cream

Make a mixture of equal quantity tartar and lemon juice for example 2-3 table spoons tartar + 2-3 table spoons lemon juice .Apply to the stain and leave for few hours .Remove the paste and wash.



Use non -gel toothpaste.Apply to the stain and gently rub the fabric together .Do this variously then rinse with water .If some of the ink appears to disappear repeat that  process till stain is completely gone!


Soak stain in alcohol and rub for a few minutes ,then wash.



Wet the ink spot with some white vinegar ,then make paste  mixture of vinegar and cornstarch , rub in mixture and leave to dry.Remove and wash.


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