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To be honest through the years I have been using chemical based cleaners and didn’t even realized that there is a plenty of natural cleaners and especially essential oils!

Essential oils are actually becoming the new generation of household cleaners.

I  learned that before start using it you need to know the risks and safety tips!

Did you know that some of them may be harmful for pets ? So be mindful ,small amounts can be toxic to them!

Also certain essential oils must not be used during pregnancy!

Remember  essential oils  is potent in concentrate form!My advice is to use it always diluted !

During my research I needed to know which essential oils is best to use for a green clean and here is the top 10 .

essential oils

1.LEMON-clean cent ,antiviral .Desinfects well ,remove grease .Blends well with other citrus fruit,vanilla,basil ,peppermint ,rosemary .Good   kitchen cleaner.  

2.Tea tree - kills germs ,bacteria ,viruses, use against bugs.It is a very good all purpose cleaner.Use in bathroom as to prevent mildew !Mixes nicely with eucalyptus ,lavender,peppermint ,rosemary,bergamot,sage.

3.Wild orange- lovely cent and like lemon is great grease cleaner.

4.Lavender- antibacterial.Helps to prevent mold and mildew from building up.Perfect oil to be used in bedroom,great for laundry(add 3-5 drops to already portioned laundry detergent).

5.Rosemary- great natural antiseptic and antibacterial oil.Can be used to make a homemade dish or laundry soap.

6.Peppermint-peppermint oil can be used as a natural deodorant spray ,freshener.It has an antibacterial properties.

7.Eucalyptus -kills germs and easily removes dust.Like lavender you can add it to your laundry detergent (3-5 drops to already portioned detergent).

8.Thyme – time is one of the powerful essential oil weapons against germs.Use to clean cutting boards.

9.Cinnamon leaf - it’s antibacterial and antiseptic actions make it a great cleaner to fight mold and mildew .It is also effective against pests.

10.Pine – very effective essential oil to kill E.coli,yeast spores ,mold and mildew.


How to store essential oils:

1.Keep it out of direct sunlight

2.Avoid from heat sources

3.Keep the cup tightly closed 

4.Store oils in refrigerator

5.Store in dark glass bottles.



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