It is lovely to get your house renovated and for many of us, doing so is a process of years in the planning. We spend ages deciding on design, getting quotes negotiating with builders and overseeing the process. It can all feel a little weird when it’s done. However, there are always a few more things that need doing once the major building phase is complete.

Most important of these is the post-construction clean up. Whether that is knowing how to get rid of paint smell or what needs dry/wet dusting in each room this is a tricky task. You can do this task yourself if you have the time or get in the professionals. Either way it’s important to have a checklist of jobs to make sure everything is covered. To help here’s our basic checklist which you can customise for your own home.

  1. Immediately after the clean have a blow-through: Open all windows and doors for at least half an hour and let the fresh air ventilate your home. This will help with nasty chemical smells, but if you need more info on how to get rid of paint smell click here.
  2. Remove dust covers: Do so carefully aiming to trap any dust in them rather than spreading around. Empty outdoors then put straight in the washing machine.
  3. Wipe down all surfaces: Start with a slightly damp cloth as this will pick up dust rather than spread it around. This might take a few different attempts as there can be a lot of debris after construction. Finish this job with a dry wipe all over too.
  4. Clean the outside and inside of cupboards: You’d be surprised how much debris, dust and construction mess can get inside even closed cupboards. Wipe along the shelves and go right into each nook and cranny.
  5. Vacuum every floor: Again, like dusting, it might be worth doing this a few times over to really get everything out.
  6. Clean the mirrors and windows: Glass and mirror surfaces are real dust and grime magnets during house reconstructions so to get rid of any last traces of those builders make sure to give these surfaces a good once-over.
  7. The finishing touches: Finally, tackle any small things that haven’t been sorted already. Think light switches and fittings, curtain rails and door handles. It’s having this eye for detail that sets out a really clean home from an average one.

Follow these steps and you’ll have a fresh new home free from any signs of your previous construction. After spending so much time and energy on creating exactly the kind of house you want, doing one big clean at the end will really help you to enjoy the final results.




Joana Teixeira

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