Whilst the primary job of your beauty tools is to make you look beautiful, if they are neglected they become anything but themselves. Whether it’s dirt, skin or hair, beauty tools can cling onto grime and quickly become laden with bacteria. That’s the nasty part out of the way. The good news? It’s actually really easy to look after your brushes, tweezers, curlers and tools so that they can continue to look after you. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a handful of beauty tools you really should be cleaning regularly.




Hairbrushes are used throughout the day; first thing in the morning, during the day for restyling and in the evening before you tuck in for the night, and with all that use comes an increased risk of bacteria. It’s really important that you learn know  how to clean a hairbrush here  and with these tips that task becomes quick and easy to do.


Make up brushes


Make up brushes are an essential part of any girl’s beauty kit and get a lot of use. But with that comes the likelihood of them getting clogged up if they aren’t regularly maintained. There are specialist cleaners that you can buy and they work very well, but you can also get your brushes clean by placing a little soap in the palm of your hand and then sweeping the brush through it. Give it a good rinse out and then dry. If there’s something really stubborn you could leave the brush soaking for a little longer to loosen.


Eyelash curlers


And any other tools you use to make your eyes look sparkly. This is a prime area for infections and they can easily be spread if you don’t keep your curlers clean. You’ll need to do it every time you use them to be ultra hygienic and all you have to do is either dip them in an alcohol solution, or give them a once over with an anti-bacterial wipe.


Scrubbers and shavers


Basically, anything you use to remove hair, grime and dirt from your skin. Sponges, loofahs and face cloths get called into action a lot, and if they’re not kept regularly clean they’ll hold on to old soap and bacteria, making them pretty germ-tastic if you’re not careful.  Simply pop your cleaning cloth or sponge of choice into the washing machine once a week to kill off the nasty bacteria. As for your razor, all that takes is a careful scrub with hot soapy water every time you use it.




They may be small in size, but tweezers have huge potential for bacteria growth. All that picking and plucking encourages bacteria to cling to your tweezers, but you can make sure it doesn’t hang around by giving it a quick rub with alcohol.


With regular cleaning you can keep your beauty kit in great shape. From knowing how to clean a hairbrush effectively to getting rid of bacteria on your tweezers, doing so will not only keep things hygienic, it could well extend the life of your tools too.


Author: Joana Teixeira

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