There’s nothing nicer than coming home after a long day at work to a spotless house. While we often spending time making our kitchens and bedrooms looking spic and span it’s important not to neglect one of the most in-use rooms in the house: the bathroom. Because bathrooms are where we go to get clean, all the grime and dirt we remove from ourselves tends to settle here instead. That’s why it’s important to have a regular cleaning routine for your bathroom to keep it forever spotless. Here’s our guide to everything bathroom cleaning related from how to clean a hairbrush to top dirt-producing bathroom rituals to avoid!



spotless bathroom


1. Everyday cleaning 

First things first when it comes to keeping this room clean is to find easy little things that you can do each day to keep the place looking sparkling at all times. Rather than relying on intermittent cleans there are small tasks that when done daily will prevent dirt and grime building up. For example get yourself a daily shower cleaner and do a quick spray each time you wash. Or how about wiping down enamel surfaces while you clean your teeth each night? Multitask to help get both your body and house clean in one go.

2. Deep cleans

bathroom clean


If you’re doing a bit of light dirt-removal every day, then there shouldn’t been any need for a weekly clean. Instead opt for a full deep clean around once every six weeks. Set aside at least a few hours and really scrub at all the surfaces/floor. Stop the build-up of mould and unblock all the plug holes. During this deep clean remember that a bathroom is only truly clean if the things in it are dirt-free too. If you, like most people, keep beauty tools in the bathroom be sure to give them a once over as well, for example see  how to clean a hairbrush here  and look online for handy tips on removing grime from make-up brushes.

3. Avoid anything likely to cause grime and dirt 

Finally, the easiest way to ensure a clean bathroom is to avoid doing anything in it that will cause too much of a mess. There are some common offenders when it comes to bathroom tasks, which – for a sparkling room – should be avoided whenever possible. Fake tan is a biggie, likely to leave unsightly marks all over the enamel. Likewise, hair-dying and grooming the dog. Wherever possible outsource these tasks to enjoy a gorgeous, dirt free home. Those are our top tips when it comes to getting your bathroom beautifully clean. Remember to look online at the other useful resources and enjoy creating for yourself a gorgeous, dirt-free home.


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